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Please complete the application for enrolment if you wish to enquire about enrolment places at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School.

If you have any further questions regarding enrolment please call 0401 098 722


Enrolments into St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School are taken in the following priority:

  1. Baptised children of the St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School’s catchment area.
  2. Siblings of children already enrolled at the school.
  3. Catholic children from other schools within St. Andrew’s Parish where a need exists.
  4. Children from Orthodox religions residing in the catchment area.
  5. Catholic children from other parishes determined by the Parish Priest & Principal.
  6. Other non-Catholic Baptised Christians where a faith environment is sought for the child.
  7. Non-Christians where a need is established, following a meeting with the Parish Priest and Principal.


  • Applications for enrolment are now open for 2021. Anyone wishing to enrol for 2022 and beyond, enrolments will open in the March of the preceding year.
  • Country of BirthReligionDate Arrival in Australia (If Applicable)Visa Sub Class (If Applicable) 
  • Section Break

  • Country of BirthReligionDate of Arrival in Australia (If Applicable)Visa Sub Class (If Applicable) 
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  • Please use the + button at the end of the row to add additional children.
    Full NameGenderBirth DateReligionBaptismCurrent School/KinderCurrent Year Level 
  • Please Tick Relevant Boxes and place any additional information in the box provided at the end of this form. If NO Tick N/A
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