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St Joseph’s foundation Principal Shelley Ryan has over a quarter of a century of experience in rural and regional Catholic schools. Shelley loves working with the St Joseph’s Community that is in it’s thrid year of operation.

Shelley Ryan comes to St Joseph’s after spending 25 years in the Ballarat Diocese. She has overseen the construction of Stage one and is about to complete the Second Stage of St Joseph’s PS. The school started with 127 students in January 2021 and sits currently at 295 students.

In establishing a vision for St Joseph’s, Shelley will look to build a school that actions courage, kindness, respect and responsibility, serving students and the wider community.

When it comes to recruiting teachers for the school Shelley seeks courageous and innovative educators who really see their students for who they are and the strengths they bring, with the pursuit of enabling each child to reach their fullest potential, without limitation.

In her personal time, Shelley loves spending time with her husband Patrick and their four children on their farm, taking care of their alpacas and sheep. She also enjoys camping, the beach, reading, cooking (and eating!), laughing at a good joke and listening to stories. Shelley supports her beloved Geelong Cats!

Shelley Ryan – Principal

The Annual Report to the Community 2022 provides information about St Joseph’s Catholic School and our strategic planning that drives Catholic Identity, Teaching and Learning, Leadership, Wellbeing and Community Engagement.

“I will be encouraging our students to be change agents in our community to make a real difference. Together with staff and families we will build a Catholic school culture where everyone feels included, valued and accepted.”

“I see this as an opportunity for St Joseph’s to be a school that pursues the highest levels of learning for all students, promotes problem solving, creativity and critical thinking so that our students are prepared to tackle the challenges of the future.”

 “Our teachers will be genuine and authentic people who will work collaboratively to build their own capacity as well as share in their knowledge, so that our teachers, parents and students will grow and flourish in a stimulating and innovative learning environment.”

“The planned stunning new school facilities, which in time will have beautiful and stimulating gardens and interactive outdoor spaces. These spaces will invite students to enter an environment of beauty, wonder, curiosity and challenge to construct and problem solve.”

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