Child Safety


At St Joseph's, we recognise the pivotal role of technology in our rapidly evolving digital landscape. We are committed to fostering a safe, inclusive, and supportive learning environment for all members of our school community. This commitment extends to the responsible and secure use of digital tools and online communities. Our goal is to empower students who are not only confident but also safe and effective users of Digital Technology. 

Each year, at the commencement of the academic year, both students and parents at St Joseph's are encouraged to read, discuss, and sign our school's Digital Technologies User Agreement. This agreement outlines the expectations for safe and responsible behaviour when using digital tools. 

Ensuring online safety is a priority at St Joseph's, through our Wellbeing and Digital Technology programs, students are educated on online etiquette, privacy, safety measures, and the importance of seeking support or reporting online concerns. We also address social media issues that may arise outside of school hours, providing support to students as needed. 

In line with our commitment to student safety, we request families to consider age ratings for social media apps and online games, actively monitoring their child's participation on these platforms. Resources to assist parents in navigating these digital landscapes can be accessed through documents provided by the school.


Regarding mobile phones, smartphones, and smart devices, we understand that some families prefer their child to have these devices for family communication and student safety.  

Our policy at St Joseph's requires students to submit their devices to the school office before school, with collection upon departure.  

This practice ensures focused learning time, secure storage, and compliance with privacy regulations during school hours. Students who do not adhere to this policy risk the potential loss or confiscation of their mobile phones on school premises.