Education in Faith

Religious Education has a central place in the curriculum at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, as it reflects our unique character of Catholic identity, reflected in our vision, mission and our relationships. 

The primary source for developing our Religious Education program is the Religious Education Curriculum Framework, developed by our governing body Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS).  

Students are engaged in dialogue and encouraged to make sense of the teachings of Christ to their own lives.  Deep thinking is encouraged and nurtured.  St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School  takes inspiration from the Horizons of Hope education framework. This framework supports Catholic school communities to engage in dialogue about the distinctive nature of learning and teaching, leading learning and enhancing Catholic identity in our schools.  

The framework is a living document that has been added to over the years with examples of practice from schools, as well as additional strategy statements in the areas of Leadership, Wellbeing, Diversity and Religious Education. 

Members of the the Catholic School Community learn to: 

  • Honour the sacred dignity of each person, believing that everyone can experience success and be supported to see their lives as being shaped by the God who is at work in all of creation 
  • Search for truth, continuously critiquing, questioning, inquiring, imagining and re-imagining themselves and their world in an ongoing engagement with Catholic beliefs and practices 
  • Embrace difference and diversity as the context for dialogue, engagement and a deeper understanding of self, others and God 
  • Build a culture of learning together through collaboration, partnerships and life-giving relationships which enable all to flourish 
  • Engage with the deep questions of life, constantly opening up spaces of meaning which engage Catholic faith with what matters most in the minds and hearts of the students 
  • Honour equitable access and opportunity for all, with a particular commitment to those most in need 
  • Commit to achieving the highest standards possible based on reflective practice, using data, research and evidence to ensure progress and growth in learning 
  • Make a difference in the world, inspired by the Gospel and led by the Holy Spirit to grow in virtue and act for justice and the common good. 

Practicing The Catholic Faith 

At St Joseph’s Werribee  students are involved in: 

  • Daily prayer
  • Reflection/meditation 
  • Sacramental Programs –Reconciliation (Year 3), First Eucharist (Year 4)  and Confirmation (Year 6) 
  • Regular school liturgical celebrations at school. 
  • Social justice activities including support for local and broader community charities  
  • Activities that promote student wellbeing 
  • Family faith formation evenings (for Sacramental years)
  • Sacrament Spirituality days