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The significance of our school name St Joseph's

Saint Joseph, is a universally beloved saint. In the Gospel of Matthew, he is portrayed as the Just Man, residing in Nazareth.  

Pope Francis, speaking during Family Celebrations in the Philippines in 2015, shared his admiration for Joseph, emphasising his qualities of strength and silence. Pope Francis even revealed having a statue of St. Joseph on his desk where he places written intentions each evening. 

The New Zealand poet James K Baxter referred to St. Joseph as a "Dear tolerant Saint," recognising him as a reminder to accept life's daily challenges as God's will.  

For Mary MacKillop, Saint Joseph held a special place, and in 1873, she entrusted the Sisters to his care. 

Traditionally, Joseph was depicted by artists at the carpenter's bench, showcasing his skills with wood and stone. Mary Cresp RSJ, in her book "In the Spirit of Joseph," offers insights into Joseph's life as a skilled builder. Beyond carpentry, Joseph was a devoted family man, tending to a garden for daily family needs and keeping small animals such as sheep and goats. His hard, honest work demonstrated the importance of sharing skills within the village, with Jesus himself learning as one of his apprentices. 

St. Joseph, beyond his role as a skilled artisan and a diligent provider, stands out as a protector of the dignity of Mary and Jesus. In the face of societal norms and challenges, Joseph embraced his responsibility as the guardian of the Holy Family with unwavering commitment. His decision to protect Mary from public scorn, as recounted in the Gospel narratives, reflects his profound sense of justice and his role as a defender of the vulnerable. Furthermore, Joseph's role in providing a nurturing environment for the upbringing of Jesus underscores his pivotal role in shaping the life of the Savior. As a model for us today, St. Joseph's qualities of humility, selflessness, and steadfast commitment to family, serve as an inspiration. In a world often marked by uncertainties, Joseph's example encourages us to approach our responsibilities with grace, humility, and a deep sense of duty. By emulating St. Joseph, we strive to create a haven of love, respect, and dignity in our own families and communities, echoing the timeless values he exemplified in the Holy Family.