Incursion, Excursions and Camps

At St. Joseph's Primary School, we believe in enriching the educational experience through a diverse range of activities, including incursions, excursions, and school camps.  

Incursions serve as engaging springboards to learning, often featuring visits from local experts, community groups, and specialists equipped with knowledge, skills, and experiences designed to deepen our students' understanding of the world around them. 

Our excursions, occurring throughout the year, are thoughtfully linked to the curriculum or inquiry units, ensuring a seamless integration of theoretical and practical learning experiences.  

For our students in Grades Three through Six, we proudly offer a camping program, providing them with the opportunity to explore nature, build resilience, and foster camaraderie. Recognising the importance of early exposure, we are dedicated to developing a tailored camping program for our junior school students.  

These experiences are integral to our commitment to holistic education, fostering a sense of curiosity, adventure, and a lifelong love for learning.