Learning Conversations

Family school partnerships hold immense significance within our St Joseph's school community, where we believe that every child matters. Recognizing parents as the primary and foremost educators of their children, we understand the vital importance of collaborative efforts between teachers and families to foster both high student wellbeing and academic achievement. 

The learning journey of each child at St Joseph's is at the core of our collective focus. Research consistently highlights the positive impact of strong partnerships between school and home on student learning outcomes. 

Learning Conversations offer a valuable opportunity for parents to meet with teachers and discuss various aspects of their child's development. We actively encourage children to participate in these conversations, allowing them to share their learning goals and achievements. However, parents and carers are welcome to contact their child’s teacher at any time throughout the school year to negotiate a meeting to discuss their child's learning.  

At St Joseph's, these conversations are integral to building a strong foundation for collaborative and supportive learning environments.