School Uniform



Bookbag provided by School for 2023 – Not required for purchase. 


Backpack – School bag with logo 

Summer Uniform (Unisex) (Weekdays when no Sport/PE) 

Term 1 and 4 

Short sleeve shirt 

Blue school shorts 





School summer dress  

Navy school hat 

Navy school wool-blend jumper  

Bike shorts 

Black school shoes (Leather/ leather-look – no mesh) 

Navy or white socks (No brands or logos) 

Navy or white hair ties, scrunchies or ribbons 

Navy Shell Jacket  

Winter Uniform (Unisex) (Weekdays when no Sport/PE) 

Term 2 and 3 

Navy school pants  

Long-sleeved shirt or short sleeve shirt 

Navy socks 

Navy school jumper 



Navy tunic 

Long sleeved white shirt 

Navy tights 

Black school shoes 

Navy Shell Jacket 

Beanie (Optional) 

P.E. Uniform (Only worn on Classroom PE day and for PE Specialist) 

Navy Shorts  

or Scooter skirt 

Navy tracksuit pants 

Green short sleeve polo top 

Navy or white sports socks 

Navy school rugby jumper 

Runners of choice 

Navy school hat 

Navy Shell Jacket 

Art smock

The children will also require an oversized art smock with full-length sleeves. For example, an old shirt or a new alternative/smock is acceptable. 


Labelling of Clothes 


  • Shoulder length hair should be tied back at all times in school colours (navy blue or white) 
  • Jewellery such as bracelets, bangles, chokers, anklets and brooches are not appropriate for school 
  • Body piercing is not acceptable, except for sleepers or studs in the ears 
  • Nail polish is not to be worn to school 
  • If children are unable to be in correct uniform, a note must be provided to their teacher in their diary, bookbag or via an email.  

NB: All staff will enforce the school uniform policy and explicitly teach the PBL Lesson about uniform expectations.  

Purchasing of Uniforms 

The school uniform is supplied by PSW Hoppers Crossing 1/195 Old Geelong Road, Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029.  

The uniforms are available for purchase all year round. 

Ph: (03) 9768 0312 


Staff and students are expected to wear hats in Term 1 and 4. Students have a wide- brim school-issued hat. NO HAT – NO PLAY RULE. If students do not have a hat they are to sit or play in the designated  under covered passive play area at the rear of the admin office. Staff please ensure that you are being role models in being sunsmart by ensuring you are wearing your hat during terms 1 and 4.